Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With complicated engine repairs and maintenance come lots of questions. Some of which can only be answered on a per-time basis. Our goal is to make sure you understand our service without any doubt in your mind we are doing the utmost to serve you.

What’s your warranty policy?

We honor a 12 month parts AND labor warranty, as well as any warranty that is available from the parts manufacturer. For example, if we replaced an alternator and the part becomes defective within the year, we will cover the expenses whether the part is under warranty or not. On the other hand if that same part were to go out 18 months after install, we would have to charge labor to replace the part, however if the part is covered by a manufacturers defect warranty, the PART will be exchanged for free.

What area do you service[make repairs]?

We are mobile and depending on the circumstances can sometimes make exceptions, however our service areas usually involve Boerne, San Antonio, Fair Oaks, Leon Springs, Helotes, Bandera, Bergheim, Sisterdale, Comfort, Welfare, Waring, and more. We are based out of Boerne, and try to stay within a 30 mile radius.

What are your warranty policies on a re-manufactured engine?

That depends on the engine we put in. With our preferred re-manufacturer, we get 3 year warranty and up to 100k miles, however we do offer other with lower warranty plans.

Can you use junk-yard parts?

Sometimes we can’t help but using junk yard parts. We try to only use brand new parts which have a warranty on them, however there are lots of parts which can ONLY be found at a salvage yard.

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