Services And Repairs

Car Repair Services in Boerne and the Kendall County Area

Roadside Assistance

Few things compare to the dread of an unexpected malfunction on the roadway. We believe that excellence is earned in these moments of adversity. We offer towing services, as well as experienced mobile mechanics who will drop what they’re doing to help you get off the side of the road and back on your way! Stat!Whether it’s gas delivery, changing a flat, or fixing a wrecked vehicle; our technicians will be with you every step of they way!

Suspension Work

“Feel the rush, not the rubble”

We service everything suspenion related, from repairing or replacing a problematic component; to completely overhauling, lifting, lowering, &/or modification of the suspension systems in your car. We hope you find we provide industry leading value and quality of service. Therefore, If a suspension upgrade is more your speed, rest assured that our skilled technicians will shoot you strait, and set you up right. Please ask us about our weekly specials on rotations and alignments!

Brake Service

“When it comes to your family’s safety, never settle for less!”

It is fairly common to see brakes at high mileage start to vibrate, rub &/or squeal. Although these symptoms are usually considered a simple nuisance, they are often indicative of a dangerous issue. As brakes clamp around the wheel discs, kinetic energy(movement) is converted to heat. This heat destroys the fluids and components used to apply the appropriate braking force. This results in various potentially hazardous problems including rotor warpage, contaminated fluid, and clogged calipers to name a few. We pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose and repair all types of brake problems & concerns. Ask us about brake replacements and upgrades.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Service

“Done right; the first time.”

A key factor in overall quality is the ability of the service provider to resolve their clients issues efficiently. We believe that knowledge is power when put into disciplined action. Our technicians utilize both traditional and computer based methods to best lift the “Fog of Repair”, and get you back on the road again.

Ignorance is expensive for everyone.

Lube and Oil Change

“Maintenance means more miles.”

Regular maintenance of your vehicle may double or triple your expected potential mileage, and save you thousands of dollars. Paramount to this process is scheduling oil changes every 3250 miles, or every 4 months. Redline-Automotive representatives are happy to assist you stay on top of it. With twenty-four hour service and helpful staff, you will soon see why waiting at line at the “other guys” is simply obsolete.

Car Repair in Boerne and Surrounding Areas

Not only do we work on cars, we drive out to you to service your vehicle wherever it is at. After all, we don’t all get to choose where we break down at. Why pay for a towing bill to take it to a shop when you don’t even have to leave your couch?

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Your Car is Important, Get a Check-Up!

Cars and people have quite a bit more in common than we would like to admit. Get your car looked at before things get out of hand as most people don’t speak car and won’t know anything is wrong.

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